The number of car washes in Ukraine is growing and with it the range of services. New solutions and new technologies are emerging. All types of sinks can be divided into ordinary and detailing. Today we want to write in more detail about each existing option.

  • A manual car wash is a classic ordinary car wash, where employees do all the work by hand. Shampoo and special cosmetics, sponges, rags, brushes are used. Plus, the person can see all the problem areas. The downside is that it is much longer.
  • Portal wash involves the use of a washing arch. The car arrives on a special platform where it is fixed. Thus, not the car moves, but the arch. Each pass is a new stage of purification.
  • The tunnel car wash assumes that the driver passes in a tunnel through a number of arches with various procedures. This is the fastest and most convenient way for drivers, but many consider such a car wash superficial and ineffective in heavy pollution. In addition, it is important that workers change their brushes regularly, as they begin to scratch the coating as they wear out.
  • Brush car wash involves the use of automatic synthetic brushes. First, the vehicle is washed with water, then it is covered with hot foam and cleaned. The brushes do not scratch the coating and polish it well. At the end, a special protective substance is applied.
  • A contactless car wash is a regular car wash using active foams. First, a stream of water washes away the main dirt, and everything else dissolves the detergent. It remains only to wash it off and apply polish. The method is very fast and safe.
  • Dry car wash does not use water. Special chemicals with active substances and oils dissolve dirt and carefully remove it from the surface. But it is impossible to reach some places normally, so a dry wash method is usually used in combination with other techniques.
  • Steam washing is notable for the fact that detergents and abrasives are not used here. And yet, there is much lower water consumption, so this is the most environmentally friendly option. Steam under high pressure literally “knocks out” from the surface all the dirt, and stains, and odors along with it. The downside is that the technology is not yet very common.
  • Detailing is an innovation in the Ukrainian market. This is literally a “detailed” wash, which provides a comprehensive approach to cleaning the body and interior. Externally, the body and engine are cleaned with steam, rubber brushes, and special cosmetics. Delicate abrasives are used to polish the paint. Specialists also process all chrome, plastic, and other parts. Complete dry cleaning of the cabin with disinfection, ozonation, and other additional services. Every little thing in the car is cleaned, including handles, seals, rubber bands, pedals, etc.

Don’t want to understand all these details on your own? You do not have to if you rent a car. Our specialists monitor the condition, washing, and maintenance of the fleet. So you just need to choose the right model among all the variety of the cars in Ukr-Prokat.

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