Every year, more and more useful features appear in cars that could not even be dreamed of just five years ago. We at Ukr-Prokat in Kyiv are constantly monitoring the latest developments in equipping our fleet with everything you need. In the meantime, we want to share the most interesting findings of recent seasons!

  1. The fatigue sensor determines the physical state of the driver by physical parameters, control method, and other external factors. After a period of training and adaptation, it unmistakably determines when it is high time for you to rest for your own safety. Especially these systems are already loved by BMW and Mercedes-Benz drivers.
  2. Automatic trunk opening simplifies the driver’s life when traveling or shopping. Different manufacturers use special motion sensors or signals from a smart key. But the idea remains the same: if your hands are busy with bags or suitcases, you do not need to make some extra movements so as to open the trunk and do not let anything fall down.
  3. Honda and several other manufacturers are ahead of their time and have invented a built-in vacuum cleaner! Of course, this is not a home unit, but a vacuum cleaner for the cabin. At first, it seems that this is a whim. But anyone who has ever encountered dry cleaning a car from the inside knows how long and exhausting it is. You do not need to buy additional equipment with a special vacuum cleaner. It is already built into the interior so that it does not interfere and does not take up space. Any dirt can be removed immediately and without problems.
  4. The 360-degree view adds up some more benefit to the already used rearview cameras. Several cameras are great for parking and driving. The most modern ones are equipped with sensors that alert the driver of any danger, obstacles, or significant changes in the traffic on the road.
  5. Innovative car seats get new features with additional functions every year. All of them are aimed at making the driver feel more comfortable during long journeys and not suffer from back problems. For this reason, Nissan has even teamed up with NASA to develop a seat that maintains a natural posture and absorbs the movement of the car. In addition to that, Mercedes added massage to the standard heating and cooling functions.
  6. Hydrophobic windows are especially relevant in our latitudes with a changing climate. The special coating repels moisture from rain and snow, which means there is no dirt or stains. Visibility becomes much better, and you do not need to spend money buying additional sprays, cleaners, and glass protection liquids. By the way, sunscreens are also evolving every year.
  7. Lightweight metals in the design of car bodies can reduce weight. Thanks to several military developments in the automotive industry, now Honda has managed to lighten its SUV by more than 300 kg! And this means convenience, durability, ease of operation, and lower fuel consumption.
  8. Traffic light recognition is an interesting option when the program predicts exactly which light will light up now. Audi developers have calculated that if you synchronize all traffic lights with automotive electronics, the number of traffic jams will be significantly reduced. The fact is that the program calculates the optimal speed for the driver to comfortably pass all traffic lights. A great addition for modern navigators that build the optimal route!

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