It is obvious how to disinfect hands, surfaces, and things. What about cars? Especially for those drivers that spend at the wheel a lot of time and almost always stay in the car salon. Let’s study this issue step by step.

Which places in the Car are the Dirtiest ones?

Scientists proved a long time ago, that there is a significant number of places where dirt gathers in much bigger quantities than it usually does. Elevator buttons are one of the obvious places. However, there are more surprising spots, like the wheel of your car. That is the reason why the car should be disinfected not just during the lockdown but at other times as well.

Initially, let’s take a closer look at the places that require special attention:

  • The steering wheel of the car. We constantly touch it with our hands when we come from the house or outdoors. So it obviously should be disinfected with sanitizers. You can even put one next to the wheel and use it.
  • Dood handles.  Wipe it with medical spirit. The situation is identical to the one mentioned above, although they are touched by a bigger quantity of people. If you have got colored door handles, first try using it on conspicuous places, otherwise use the more delicate antiseptic liquid.
  • Seats and headrests. It is just enough soapy liquid to sanitize leather and artificial leather. However, the seats covered with the material should be disinfected with the special liquids.
  • Floor mats. They should be constantly replaced and cleaned even from both sides.
  • Conditioner. It stores dirt and due to the temperature and humidity the ideal conditions for spreading bacteria, fungi, and mold appear. That is also the reason for the unpleasant odor in the car salon.

Effective Measures of Disinfection

The easiest and more convenient one is the disinfection napkins. However, they are not always handy. In such a case, special microfiber napkins and handmade sanitizing liquid would be perfect for it:

  • Warm soapy water. It is the easiest but yet incredibly efficient way to disinfect the surfaces. Soapy foam has got great properties to destroy viruses and bacteria. All that is necessary to do is to clean them at least for 20-30 seconds. It is worth paying special attention to door handles as they are the dirtiest ones.
  • Spirit. Both ethyl spirit from up to 70 % and isopropyl spirit would be fine for it. It is an efficient method for all kinds of surfaces. However, it worth removing dirt with wet tissue before using spirit.  It is safe for kinds of surfaces. If you still worry, you may you can check on some inconspicuous places.
  • Antiseptics. They would also be perfect for cleaning the surfaces in your car. It is recommended to use ones with a spirit of 60-80%.
  • Peroxide. Ordinary peroxide (3%) efficiently removes bacteria, fungi, mold, and plenty of viruses. It is sprayed on previously cleaned surface as well.

Before cleaning hoover the car salon. Use special car hoovers for it. Firstly, they are much more convenient to use. Secondly, bacteria and microbes in the car are different from the ones in the house. So it is not worth taking them from one place to the other.

Our cars are constantly ready to be used. The whole car fleet “Ukr Prokat” in Kyiv constantly undergoes technical inspection, cleaning, and other procedures, so that the car renting would be convenient and safe for you.

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