More and more people prefer long journeys by car. This gives them freedom of action, flexibly to  change plans and stop anywhere without being tied to buses, trains and flights. But for the trip to be really enjoyable and hassle free, it is necessary to take care of the preparation to it in advance.

You should bring with you:

  • Documents. In addition to driving licenses, you will need a vehicle registration certificate, passport, insurance and other papers, depending on your route.
  • Keys. Be sure to keep spare car keys in your belongings if you suddenly lose or forget them inside of the enclosed car.
  • Cash. Do not forget to take care of your cash, no matter where you are going. If you need to pay for something at a gas station or at a service far from the city, there may simply not be a bank card terminal.
  • Tools and supplies. In addition to the spare wheel it is recommended to take some spare liquids, repair sealant and heat-resistant adhesive tape, key, jack, tire pump, spare lamps, torch, clamps, tow rope. All this will help you to eliminate the first problems and get safely to the nearest car service if you get stuck in the middle of the road somewhere far from the city.
  • First aid kit. Nowadays you can buy already completed car first aid kits. But you can collect them on your own. Basically, you will need painkillers, antihistamines, antipyretics, medicines to treat cold and stomachache, antiseptics, medicines that you personally use.
  • Flashlight. Preferably the one that you wear on your head. It will come in handy during night stops. Especially, if there is a breakage during the trip or any other problems at night.
  • Car inverter. It is a charger that turns car current into a regular AC. Plug it into your cigarette lighter and you can easily charge your phones, tablets, laptops or camcorders.

Think in advance what else you may need on your trip. For example, the list is greatly expanded during a vacation with children. At least, you will need to take a special child seat.

Car preparation

You need to think not only  about what to bring with you on a trip, but also to take care of the condition of the car. Note the following nuances:

  • Maintenance of undercarriage and engine;
  • Checking and refilling of liquids, replacement of oil in the engine and gearbox;
  • Supply of the vehicle with a set of spare parts.
  • Checking the spare wheel.

It is better to fill up the tank of the car before traveling. Also, do not forget about the DVR, which will keep all travel data. You will get the maximum detail picture from the models with HDR and Super HD technology. Additional options will also be useful: speed control, low visibility reminders in poor visibility and other useful add-ons.

It takes time and effort, but you don’t have to do it by yourself if you rent a car in Odesa that has already been serviced. These are the cars you will find in our fleet. All models offered by Ukr-Prokat are regularly checked and monitored so that you do not have to worry about minor things while traveling.

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