Frost and snow make life difficult for all drivers. Especially in recent years, when the weather has become increasingly unpredictable. Therefore, it is better to take necessary actions  in advance and keep everything you need in the car in order to be ready for any emergency.

  1. Brush and shovel. These are the simplest and most obvious tools that will help you to deal with snowfall. The brush must be with a scraper. And for it so as not to store too much room in the car, it is recommended to pay attention to sophisticated models with telescopic handles. On the contrary, usual models would be good for big cars.
  2. Warm blankets. Compact blankets can be folded into small rolls or envelopes. You can buy them in tourist equipment shops. Usually they are made of a thin and lightweight fleece, which is very warm. High-tech modern synthetics are much more practical than wool in these conditions. Such blankets will be indispensable if you have bad luck to get stuck in the snow or if the car breaks down on the road. Besides, it is good to keep several pairs of warm wool socks in the car. Especially if you often have long-distance trips.
  3. Filler for a cat tray. It is the obvious trick which is well known to experienced drivers. If the car is slipping on ice or in the snow, small cat pellets can be put under the wheels. They would partially absorb moisture and improve traction. So it would improve your chances to leave the place were you got stuck without any other additional help.
  4. Anti-slip tracks. Moisturizing fillers are a household alternative. However, it is still better and more reliable to get professional anti-skid tracks in advance. These are special things made of frost-resistant material that will help to get you out of snow or ice.
  5. Silicone spray. Used for processing rubber seals in the boot and doors. Thanks to it, they do not freeze,  serve longer, and the door opens much easier, regardless of the weather outside the window.
  6. Pre-start engine heater. It is a modern device, that is good for frosty winters. Although it is not cheap, it significantly reduces the likelihood of breakage. The device is especially relevant for diesel cars and gasoline engines with cold start. The driver programs the start in advance by the clock and the mechanism warms up the system before the owner gets behind the wheel.
  7. Starting inverter. It is another technical trick that will help when the machine cannot start on its own in heavy frost. The battery runs out faster in the cold, so it’s harder to keep track of its power. In this case, the inverter is partly an external charger for the phone: it will add power. You can also charge your smartphone, tablet, or other gadgets with the help of it.
  8. Defrosters. A whole series of specialized devices will help if some part of the car is already covered with ice. Particularly the defrosters are required for locks and windshields.
  9. Antifreeze in the washer liquid. Wet snow, ice, dirt from the road, chemical reagents, and other things sooner or later somehow appear on the car glass. If you do not take care of the non-freezing liquid in the washer tank in advance, you will have to constantly stop and clean the glass manually.
  10. Heated car chairs. Special seat covers are indispensable in cars that do not have built-in heating. Most models are versatile and suitable for any type of car. Besides, such a purchase is inexpensive. It is definitely much cheaper than a pre-heater.
  11. DVR. The DVR will not help you get warm or get out of the snow. But in winter there is always an increasing number of emergencies and accidents on the road. And the video will help you re-establish the events and confirm your right actions on the road.

Car manufacturers recommend the car inspection before the cold starts. In addition to replacing the rubber, you should check the battery, repair and charge it, clean all terminals, and make sure other systems are working properly.

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