Hoverla is the highest mountain in Ukraine, 2061 meters. It is not so easy to climb it for a not prepared person, although ten thousand tourists, including children and adults try to do it every year. Taking into consideration that the height of Hoverla is not so incredibly huge, almost everyone who dares to get to the top of it is able to do it. Besides the tiredness that the person gets there, he/she experiences plenty of new impressions and a great pride for achieving the goal.

Routes to the Top of the Mountain

You do not necessarily need a guide to climb Hoverla. There are tourist routes which are marked on the map. You can buy such maps there, even if you forgot to prepare in advance.

There are two main routes:

  • Green route goes along the more sloping side of the mountain. The road takes about 2.5 hours. There are much fewer people there. You will see the amazing nature and there are raspberry bushes and blueberries everywhere. It’s almost impossible to get lost since the entire route is carefully marked. The path is stony and quite comfortable. During the ascent, it is possible to walk through the forest,  past the thickets of juniper, and in the open air.
  • The blue route is shorter, but goes along a bit steeper slope. It is more popular than the green one and normally takes about 2 hours. Organized tourist groups choose it. However, the  climbing to the top of it may extend for 3-4 hours, so it is often more convenient to travel on your own.

The most interesting thing is to choose different ways for climbing and descending. This has little effect on the overall time, but allows you to compare the impressions and enjoy the scenic landscapes on all sides.

What to Wear?

Two main secrets of comfortable climbing to the peaks are thermal and high-quality tracking shoes. Be sure to take some warm windproof and waterproof clothes.

  • Thermal underwear is ideal if you sweat during the ascent. It will also protect you from coolness on the top.
  • The fleece jacket is also a good thing to take with yourselves. That’s how the experienced travelers dress.
  • Do not forget the headgear, which protects from the sun or cold, depending on the season.
  • A scarf will save the neck from a piercing wind on the top, as well as in the open air areas.
  • If you do not have tracking shoes, you can put on sneakers or good shoes. But they must not slip and they also should be waterproof.
  • Ideally, shoes with a hard cap and heel are required in order not to hurt your legs. On the way, there will be slippery, rough and rocky areas, so it is better to re-insure yourselves from possible injuries in advance.
  • Trekking sticks can be rented there. But focus on your needs. In fact, you will only need need them if you have problems with joints or in the case of very crude ground.

How to Get to Hoverla?

The lovers of organized excursions may use the services of numerous agencies. They offer trips to Hoverla from all major tourist centers of Western Ukraine.

However, a convenient route allows you to safely get there on your own. You can either go by train to Vorokhta, and from there go by taxi or take a car, which you can leave before climbing. There are plenty of food and drink stalls, souvenir markets and tourist equipment shops at the beginning of your climbing route to the top of the mountain.

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