Summer is already on the go, and Odessa has become a real salvation for all those who have not made up their mind yet. It is close, sunny and there is the sea! What else is necessary for complete happiness? Moreover, Odessa is not only a sandy beach but also has got plenty of interesting sights. We have chosen for you a selection of the main ones. And for you to find time to see all of them, we will choose the perfect car in the large fleet of Ukr-Prokat in Odesa.

  1. Prymorskyy bulvar.  It is one of the most famous places of interest in Odessa. In the center of it, there is a monument to Duke de Richelieu, the city’s first mayor. Look under your feet so as not to miss the archeological excavations under the glass. And from there you will see a magnificent view of the seaport.
  2. Potemkin Stairs. Huge stairs, presented in more than one film and work of art, start right from Primorsky Boulevard. They appeared here in the nineteenth century as a tribute to Prince Vorontsov’s love for his wife Elizabeth. The stairs are considered to be one of the most beautiful in Europe and have as many as 192 steps.
  3. Deribasivska. The main street in Odessa is a pedestrian area and you should definitely walk along it. It is here that you can fully experience the color and mood of the city. And around you is the charming architecture of the nineteenth century. Very close to it there is a legendary city garden. And be sure to visit the Odessa passage, which combines features of classic, baroque and modern with a charming glass atrium.
  4. Trasa zdorovya. If you love summer walks, want to go rollerblading or cycling, it is the right place for you. It is this street that the people from Odessa chose for sports. There are a lot of trees around, fresh sea air and picturesque landscapes.
  5. .Flat house or house with one wall. This is one of the most amazing buildings in the city, which is located near the Vorontsov Palace. From the facade you will not notice anything strange, but from the outside it seems that the house is really flat. And all that is because, according to the architect’s plan, it is triangular. This is a cunning optical illusion.
  6. . Opera. Odessa Opera House is the oldest in Ukraine, is considered an architectural masterpiece in the Viennese Baroque style and is famous for its amazing appearance. Inside, it’s no worse, and the professional acoustics in the main hall is still impressive.
  7. Lyman Kuyalnik. A huge estuary is located at the end of Estuary Street. It is famous for its healing mud, and the fact that every year until the end of summer the water changes shade to pink. This is due to the content and specificity of the salts in it. Photo shoots on the background of pink water look fabulous and very romantic.
  8. .Stroganov Bridge. Honestly saying, this is not the most popular attraction. But it is definitely worth seeing, because the vaults of the bridge and the walls of nearby houses have become a real city gallery of street  art. Here is an amazing building of an abandoned casino.
  9. Cableway. Surprisingly, Odessa has its own small cableway, which is located near the beach Otrada. It is about 50 years old, but it still works and allows you to enjoy magnificent views from the height.

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