Every year, large car makers are creating more and more sophisticated and functional models. They are all designed for constant daily usage and if the car is just left to stand still without driving around it might create some problems for its further exploitation.

What about a car that stands still for a year or even more? And will it be possible to keep it in such condition so that there will be no necessity to visit a car service later on?


Even the battery that is not being used will be gradually discharged on its own. It is difficult to notice it if you do not use the car just for a short period of time, but if it has been a year since your last drive it may completely wear out.   This can be avoided by recharging it every few months. If the battery life is already more than 5-7 years, it will have to be replaced anyway. In this case, it doesn’t matter how often and intensively it was used.

Besides, check all wares for visible damage and exposed areas. Especially if the car was kept out of town: isolated cables often attract rodents and pests.

Brake system

The brake disks gradually become corroded. To check and clean them naturally, drive a short distance at low speed and constantly brake. If the car has not been used for several years, it is recommended to check the condition of the car break pads. It might happen so that the lining comes loose from the base plate.

It is also good to change the brake liquid, because if moisture has accumulated in the system, it may boil when being used. And the appearance of steam and malfunction of the car system will most likely completely disable the brakes right on the road.

Car Oil

Modern car oils are very durable and unpretentious, but the period of usage, which is marked on the packaging, is only relevant while it is not in use. As soon as it gets into the cars systems, the term is rapidly reduced. If the car is not used there appear some chemical reactions that completely spoil the car oil and can completely break the engine. Therefore, it is better to replace it and the filters as well.

The same principle applies to patrol, especially if the car has not been driven on for more than 1.5-2 years. To prevent condensation from accumulating in the tank, experienced motorists recommend refueling the machine only with high-quality fuel for 3/4 volume or more before the period of not using it.

Hoses and gas lines

Any rubber will dry and crack over some time, so inspect all hoses for visible damage. And if they are more than 4-5 years, it is better to replace them straight away. Even if the cracks are not visible, problems can occur during your drive. Especially, if it flakes a gas line or cooling system hose.


For the same reason as the hoses, the seals may get dry and become damaged. Door and window seals can be sufficiently lubricated with silicone, but if they are in a very poor condition, it is easier and cheaper to replace them. In the same way, the oil seals deteriorate when the lubricating fluid runs off. After a long time of not being used, they will have to be changed. This can be avoided by starting the engine at least every few months.

If you do not use the car very often, there is no need to leave it the garage for a long period of time.  For this purpose, it is much better to use the services of car rental companies which are popular all over the world. Ukr-Prokat Company offers a large fleet in Kharkiv that will match your taste and wish!

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