All of us worry about the protection of ourselves and our loved ones from summer heat.

Motorists have even more questions, because they also need to take care of their own vehicle. Everyone understands how much the car may overheat in the summer as well as the things that are left in the hot salon.

Obviously, you cannot leave children or animals in a closed car. But also that is not the whole list.

  • Bottle with water. But what could go wrong with it? Yes, It may overheat and it would be impossible to drink. But also, the transparent bottle from mineral water can become a real lens. When passing through it, the sun beam is able to light up any objects and surfaces around it.
  • Regular or sunglasses.  The outcome may be the same as with the lenses. In addition, the overheated rim can be deformed or even completely melt.
  • Aerosols.  All kinds of deodorants, sprays, hairsprays and other aerosols in the overheated car interior turn into a time bomb. Excessive critical temperature almost inevitably leads to explosion.
  • Electronics. Gadgets with batteries and accumulators, tablets, phones, cameras, cheap video recorders and so on can explode when overheated. Not all lithium-ion batteries are designed for such conditions, even from proven manufacturers.
  • Sweets. Chocolates, caramels and multicolored jelly candies melt easily even at much lower temperatures. Not to mention the car interior, which inevitably turns into a greenhouse. One open pack of colorful sweets is enough to permanently make the car salon dirty. But not all of such stains can be cleaned without consequences even in dry cleaning.
  • Makeup. Besides the fact that it can melt and make the salon dirty in the same way, it is also dangerous to use them. No creams or lipsticks are designed for such high temperatures, which means that irreversible chemical reactions may occur. For example, the active components of sunscreens are quickly destroyed when they are overheated.
  • Dairy and fermented milk products. A bottle of yogurt or yogurt with a systematic and prolonged overheating will virtually explode. Moreover, it will not only dirty the salon, but also leave an unforgettable smell, which is more difficult to get rid of than spots.
  • Medicines. Even if the content of your first aid kit does not need to be kept in the  refrigerator, any medication has a recommended temperature range. If it is regularly violated, as with cosmetics there are irreversible reactions. Thus, the medicine may not be good for you when needed.
  • Alcohol. Overheated alcohol also loses its properties. For example, wine that was stored in a hot car salon during the day releases carcinogenic ethyl carbamate. And its taste and aroma change dramatically.

If you have no questions about how to behave while driving the car, but still need a comfortable and practical car- contact us! Ukr-Prokat has a large fleet in Odessa and offers models for every taste.

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