Winter is definitely not a reason to stay at home! Winter travel on snowy roads and the fresh frosty air is a special pleasure. Moreover, with a rented car, this pleasure can be made even more comfortable.

Here are some ideas on where to go by car in winter in Ukraine!

Hot mulled wine in the Kherson region

On the way to Kherson, there are the wine lands of Prince Chateau Trubetskoy. This is the only preserved historic chateau in Ukraine. The first vineyards in the region appeared in the late nineteenth century. Two varieties were grown here – Cabernet Sauvignon and Rhine Riesling. It is good to know that even after the first harvest, the chateau deservedly took first place at an international exhibition in France!

Ten years ago, the building was completely restored, and along the way found two unique bottles of 1914. You will be kindly revealed the secrets of making wine and invited to taste it. Also, you will have the opportunity to go shopping in the brand store! And don’t forget to appreciate the surroundings from the observation deck on the tower!

And after the chateau, you may go to the famous geyser of the Kherson region. In the village of Bekhtery near the Iron Port, there are hot springs with thermal water and baths. A real winter wellness holiday!

The Carpathians are an eternal classic

Only winter mountains can be better than the mountains. The Carpathians are both magnificent nature with its colorful Christmas holidays in small villages, and stunning ski slopes of Bukovel.

Visit Plavie, home of the Play Ski Resort. In winter, there are five trails for beginners and professionals. For one day you should climb Mount Pip Ivan and visit the meteorological station built in 1936, the walls of which are still preserved. Besides, it is very convenient to get by car to the fortress of Palan in Mukachevo and the palace of the Counts of Schönborn or the estate of Beregvar.

Romantics in Chernivtsi

Chernivtsi has long been called the city of lovers for the romantic atmosphere, which might be felt in the air. It only intensifies when the fluffy snowflakes begin to sparkle in the Christmas lights. Be sure to check out Kamianets-Podilskyi along the way. In winter, the legendary fortress has a completely different look!

If the weather allows, feel free to visit the Podilskiy Tovtry National Park with a unique landscape, mineral springs, and even caves.

Opishnya – Cossack heritage and the capital of pottery

Everyone knows about Zaporizhzhya Sich, but few know about Opishne. But this original corner is only 300 km from the capital. A small distance for a rented car!

Opishnya is also the capital of pottery. Just a hundred years ago, thousands of talented craftsmen lived here. And still local products amaze imagination. You can try to make the first pitcher or bowl yourself. And visit the National Museum of Ukrainian Pottery and open estates-museums!

Along the way, turn to the picturesque and fabulous Dykanka, famous for Gogol. There is still a special spirit and atmosphere, which is better to feel on your own.

In winter, during frosty weather, professional equipment and impeccable technical condition of the vehicle are especially important. If for some reason your family car is not suitable for travel, this is not a good reason to change plans! After all, you have the entire fleet of Ukr-Prokat in Lviv with models for every taste!

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