Straight after choosing the trip route, the next question which comes up is how to go and where to stay. We will help you with the transport and the route. In our car fleet Ukr Prokat in Lviv, you may rent a car for different purposes. When talking about the type of accommodation to choose from  (the hotel or the apartment), it might become complicated to decide. Let’s study this question step by step.

Pros and cons of hotels

Hotels are mostly in tourist places, so the chance not to find it is minimal.  Main advantages:

  • Excellent infrastructure and constant connection with the reception;
  • No problems with cooking food and changing the linen;
  • Guards, safes, storage chambers;
  • Additional offers: transfer, restaurant, SPA, kids animators, salons, fitness clubs, and shops;
  • It might be an exciting experience to stay in the thematic hotel, boutique hotel, or the hotel with the perfect view onto the places of interest.

But the choice is always limited – in any city, their quantity is noticeably less than apartments. Attractive rooms are more expensive, and you will have to pay separately for a lot of services. It is more challenging to be alone in the hotel because there are staff and other visitors. Even with the best sound insulation, there is no such feeling of “own” house as in the apartment. But be sure to find out in advance if your hotel has a parking lot!

Peculiarities of daily rent

Daily rent of apartments is becoming more popular every year. It is a proven way to save up and feel like a real native in a new city. You can arrange individual wishes, relax and unwind from the road in a relaxed atmosphere.

All apartments are different: furniture, technical equipment, repair, condition, style, layout, color scheme, and a lot of other individual things. Hotels are much more unified, so you will never be able to find an option so suitable for yourself and your ideas of comfort.

  • Even expensive designer renovation in an elite area will cost less than the same exclusive suite in the hotel.
  • You can choose a studio, one- two-, three-room apartment or even more than that.
  • There will be no other occupants in the next room, and you will not have to deal with keys, reception hours, and other organizational problems.
  • The apartments are fully equipped with all the necessary appliances. Having a kitchen saves a lot of money at the restaurant.
  • If you have got a big family or company, the flat with several rooms is the only convenient and comfortable decision for you. Besides, you may even invite quests, and they may stay for the night there.
  • Have you already chosen a particular district? I suppose there will be many more apartments than hotels, especially if it is not on the central street.
  • Tenants value apartments for a home environment that cannot be reproduced in low-key sterile hotels.
  • With long-term leases, landlords sometimes offer great discounts or other excellent bonuses. Also, you can always bargain with the owner.

So what is the best choice?

A hotel room is a simple and proven option with its advantages. But the more interesting, comfortable, and cozy the hotel is, the faster the price rises. The cost of apartments is lower, even with the same quality of repair and location. It is in your rented apartment that you will be able to feel at home and fully enjoy your vacation.

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