In a big city, it is impossible to do without transport. Even if you are fond of going on foot, there is usually no time for it. Anyway, you need to solve your household and work issues during the day. Besides, you feel like seeing something new when visiting new places.

But what to choose: a taxi bus, a taxi or a rented car?

Taxi buses are a real value for money

Public transport is the cheapest way to get around. In modern cities, the network is sufficiently developed to easily get from one part of the city to another. But not everything is so good. There are plenty of disadvantages which have to be taken into consideration.:

  • Most likely you will have to use several types of transport before you finally reach your destination;
  • If you do not go on it on the last bus stop it is likely to be overcrowded, even not just during the rush hours;
  • Public transport schedules are not so exact, and the waiting interval can be up to half an hour;
  • It is much more difficult to accurately calculate and plan your time, especially if you have scheduled  meetings or events;
  • It is hot in taxi buses in summer and cold in winter;
  • Finally, they are not comfortable.

Taxis are fast but expensive

Initially, you will treat taxis as a win-win situation. Nowadays, there are a lot of services where you can choose the class of the car, book it for a certain time or choose the additional amenities. If your car suddenly broke down, you plan to drink a glass or two of wine in the evening, a taxi will always be the best choice.

However, it also has got its drawbacks:

  • If you want a car with special features it might be rather difficult to find the one that would meet your needs.
  • You are likely to wait much longer for the taxi if you are in remote areas or it is late at night.
  • The constant use of taxis is expensive;
  • A taxi driver is unlikely to wait for you if you literally need just half an hour for your work, so you have to book a new taxi, and it’s a waste of time.

Car rental is an unexpected decision

Many people think that renting a car is a luxury. But we at Ukr-Prokat are ready to argue with such an opinion. In the long run and with constant use, rent is much cheaper than a taxi. Moreover, if you rent it for a longer period you will get some special conditions.

In our fleet, there are a lot of cars of a different class, size and capacity. There are models for a family vacation, business trip or for a presentable meeting of business partners. So rent is a very universal option for all occasions.

A rented car will also help even when yours is not suitable for one reason or another. For example, you have a compact city smart, and you want to go with the company somewhere far into the mountains. Our vehicles are equipped with everything you need to make your plans a reality!

The rented car does not have a rigid attachment to the place. If the new city does not have your favorite taxi service, we are ready to help! Ukr-Prokat operates in Kyiv, Odesa, Lviv, Kharkiv, Lutsk, Ivano-Frankivsk, Poltava, Ternopil, Truskavets, Uzhhorod, Dnipro, Khmelnytsky and even Bukovel!

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