This year was not very rich in festivals and interesting events. And plans for the future are still quite vague. But we at Ukr-Prokat believe that this is not a reason to finally put a cross on leisure, because good impressions and a good rest are very important.

So what about winter festivals in Ukraine in 2020? Besides, we will tell about other interesting actions which are going to take place!

  1. The ROCK BULAVA 2020 festival will take place in Kyiv on December 12. This year it will take place in a club format at the Volume Club. This is a kind of experiment because it is going to be the first time in such a format. Musicians who regularly play on the main stage of Rock Bulava will be invited. Announcements will be later, but tickets for fans are already available. Please note that their number is limited. The distance and all sanitary norms will be observed!
  2. Kyiv Modern Ballet with the performance “Carmen TV”, as part of the 6th Summer Festival in the Art Nouveau style. Due to quarantine, summer activities have been postponed. The new date is December 15. The event will take place in Odessa at the National Academic Opera and Ballet Theater. The unique and creative interpretation of the history of the gypsy beauty will not leave anyone indifferent. If anyone is not yet familiar with Radu Poclitaru’s authorial style, it’s high time to do it. The performance, which conquered the stages of Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Romania, and the Netherlands, received two awards “Kyiv Pectoral” in the nominations “Best Production of the Year” and “Best Work of a Choreographer”.
  3. The Vienna Philharmonic Strauss Orchestra will visit Ukraine from December 11 to 14. The mini-tour included Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odesa and Dnipro. The repertoire includes works by Brahms, Haydn, Mozart, and the Strauss dynasty. The orchestra is touring successfully throughout Europe and working to preserve and develop Vienna’s musical culture.
  4. A series of New Year’s concerts “Strauss in the operetta” will take place in Kyiv from December 23 to 26. The program includes the best musical works of the Strauss dynasty. Some of them will be performed in Ukraine for the first time.
  5. The legendary Mummy Troll will perform on December 15 at the International Exhibition Center in Kyiv. A special program and a special show are waiting for you, for which an international team of cameramen, directors, decorators, programmers, and even architects has been preparing for more than a year. Riga rapper Papa Chi from the group Fact helped in the work.
  6. From November 26 to December 7 there will be a small tour of DahaBraha. Colorful Ukrainian folklore in a modern interpretation will be heard in Kyiv, Odesa, and Lviv. Piano, bass drums, cello, djembe, accordion, harmonica, and the most bizarre exotic instruments from all over the world await you.
  7. “Vechirniy kvartal” will also present a new winter program. The event will take place in Kyiv on December 18, and it will be the first concert since the beginning of quarantine! A good portion of cheerfulness and good mood is waiting for you!
  8. A concert of the League of Laughter with the participation of Dnipro, VKV and “Prozoryy honshchyk” will take place in Odesa on December 28. Enjoy fun live chat with comedians and exclusive performances.
  9. The New Year’s tour “Diesel Show” will start on December 1 in Kyiv. The team will give two concerts in the capital and then on December 15 will go to Odessa. That will be fun!

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