The majority of car drivers, who want to be the owners of the prestigious and spacious SUV cars, have got some questions when buying such a vehicle. They are in doubts whether it is so practical in the city,  has got more pros than cons and what their special features are. Let’s have a look at it!

The biggest advantages are:

  • Large capacity. The interior makes it easy for the people inside of it to prescind from the outside world and noise. It is convenient for long trips, travels and trips with children.
  • Big trunk. In the SUVs it is easy to carry large loads that do not fit into the other cars.
  • Resistance to bad weather. SUVs are not afraid of snow, frost, wind, or heat.
  • Status. They can be used for business meetings and travel.

The disadvantages:

  • Dimensions. Capacity is good, but a large car is less practical and maneuverable in the city. In areas with old buildings and narrow streets, it is rather difficult to drive. An SUV vehicle can cause inconvenience in traffic jams and parking lots.
  • Costs. Being the owner of an SUV vehicle is more expensive in all aspects: from fuel consumption to maintenance.

The Special Features of an SUV Car

The SUV differs from other cars in configuration. It is designed for a large load capacity, and there is more space for the driver and passengers inside of it.  SUVs are designed to move on the bad and difficult to drive roads.

But even the best car manufacturers are not able to provide them with a smooth and confident ride on ordinary urban roads. Their size and dimensions make it impossible to happen.

Advantages of off-road vehicle construction on the off-roads

The difference is in the specific suspension. SUVs  have got an independent one for each wheel, so it is easy to drive them even on the potholes. When the car hits an obstacle, the suspension shrinks sharply, and if there is a pit  under the wheels, it shrinks like an accordion.

The way you can drive SUVs is directly influenced by the axle: it is stiffer and more rigid so that the car can easily overcome the problem areas. By maintaining contact between the wheels and the chassis, it becomes more stable. This means that despite of all the obstacles, the vehicle can easily keep the balance.

Most SUVs are equipped with three differentials. They are front, rear and intermediate. They make sure that all of the wheels are on the ground. If the wheel breaks away from the surface and the differential is locked, the counter will not let the vehicle to tip over.

The disadvantages of the SUV construction when driving it in the city

The specificity of the suspension on a flat city road is a problem. In ordinary cars, it is much less flexible and gives a firm grip with asphalt and concrete. SUVs have to constantly adjust the center of gravity. As a result, oddly enough, in the city they are much less stable and reliable.

The most serious problems begin on the asphalted mountain roads or with any sharp turns. In fact, with each brake, the rear wheels are literally torn off the road and the car is rocking.

If you want to try driving an SUV or test any other make of car before buying , you can contact us! You will definitely find the car that you need among  the big Ukr-Prokat fleet in Odesa!

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