Of course, if possible, it is better not to eat at all. But still sometimes there is such a need. In this case, you need to choose those products that will be minimally distracting you on the road and will not spoil the trip as a whole. For example, heavy food causes drowsiness and reduces concentration, fat products can cause an upset stomach, and salty ones may make you thirsty.

So that you don’t have to experiment on your own, we at Ukr-Prokat have already found out everything!

Fruits and vegetables

Vegetables and fruits take up almost no space, do not easily spoil, and have got plenty of vitamins. Besides, it is an easy way to quench thirst. The main thing is to choose those vegetables and fruit that are convenient to eat without being distracted. For example, a juicy piece of watermelon is clearly not suitable, but a banana or cucumber is a perfect one. Peaches and large tomatoes are better not to take, because they can flow and distract you from driving, but apples and cherry tomatoes will be fine for that occasion.  You may also consider  plums, apricots, pears, small gherkins and baby carrots.

Oranges and tangerines are best eaten only in the parking lot. Like other products that need to be cleaned. Raspberries are very soft and easy to crush, and cherries have got stones. But strawberries or black currants do not cause such problems. Moreover, it is believed that they increase the reaction rate. The same effect is attributed to fresh greens.

Sandwiches, hot dogs, burgers and shawarma

Ordinary thin sandwiches or paninis are quite convenient to be quickly eaten with one hand. But eating burgers and open sandwiches may cause you a lot of problems. While choosing hot dogs,it is also better to take a French one, rather than ordinary. Besides avoid sauces and butter. First, they become spoilt rather quickly if you don’t have a refrigerator. And secondly, they can flow and distract the driver.

It is very convenient to take on the road some rolls, shawarma, burritos and other similar dishes. The recipe for something wrapped in pita bread on all sides is in almost every kitchen in the world. Also it is suitable to take cakes with stuffing and mushrooms. What about shawarma, it is good for it to be small so you do not need both hands to eat it.


Cookies, crackers, biscuits, nuts, dried fruits  all are at your disposal. Pay attention to all sorts of bars, such as protein ones. This snack is almost not distracting. The same biscuits were always added to the soldier’s rations. The only thing that you should remember is that you need to avoid seeds and nuts that have to be cleaned. Or clean them beforehand. And do not eat too much dried fruit, such as prunes, because it can cause stomach problems.

But chocolate and sweets are best avoided. They really save from the feeling of hunger, but this feeling is quite deceptive. In addition, sweets melt and cause thirst.

Broth and soup

Broth or light soup in a thermos is the best friend of the driver. Now there are even thermo mugs that work from a cigarette lighter.


Ironically, hot tea and coffee for cheerfulness at the wheel is  a bad decision. It’s hard to believe, but the statistics of accidents that occurred due to the spillage of a hot drink are startling. In addition, although the coffee is invigorating for a while, then the rollback will be even stronger.

With fermented milk products, everything is ambiguous. On the one hand, yogurts are very conveniently packaged, healthy and tasty. On the other hand,  all dairy products belong to the high risk group in terms of possible poisoning. If you still decide to take yogurt, then only in the presence of a refrigerator.

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