The cause of about every fourth road accidents is driver’s fatigue. Particularly there is a high risk of falling asleep at the wheel during long journeys and night trips. It has long been proven that after four hours of continuous driving, the speed of the motorist’s reaction is reduced in a half.

Experts strongly recommend not to drive continuously for so long. Especially, if you are without the driving experience. But some simple tricks will still help you to cheer up and not fall asleep on the trip.


Talking to passengers is the easiest and most affordable way to activate your brain. Only, it   is recommended to be aware of a highly engaging or emotional conversation since it may distract the driver’s attention from the road.  The passengers in the car can also be asked to monitor the driver’s condition because the first signs of fatigue could be much earlier noticed by them.


Listening to cheerful songs, interesting podcasts or books is a good alternative if there is no company while you are driving. Do not choose too monotonous things in order not to make you too sleepy. And if you feel that just listening is not enough, start singing your favorite songs, and preferably loud enough to cheer you up. When the lungs are more active, more oxygen enters the bloodstream and it gives strength to the whole body.

Energy drinks

Coffee, strong tea, hot chocolate, toning and energy drinks all add up to help your body feel full of energy for some time. Choose the one that helps you, because each organism is different. Beside common energy components such as caffeine, there is ginseng, lemongrass, eleutherococcus, guarana, taurine.

There are also energy pills. Actually, they differ only in shape and size. Some of them are just recommended to drink at low dosage. But keep in mind that it is just two hours for action of energy to lose effectiveness.  In fact, it is strongly recommended not to abuse them, since it may be extremely dangerous for your heart and health overall.

Electronic systems

Some modern cars are equipped with electronic sensors that can detect the driver’s condition by changing driving style. The device signals when it’s time to have a rest or cheer up.

Tastes and Smells

Some drivers advise to take small food on the road, such as seeds, snacks, croutons or nuts. Something that has dot a distinct taste and something to distract you from the monotonous road from time to time.

Other motorists are advised to cut the lemon before the trip and sniff it periodically when you feel sleepy. The pronounced citrus smell irritates receptors and invigorates.

The main thing is not to overeat , because it has the opposite effect on the driver and causes drowsiness. And do not forget to regularly drink clean water. It is necessary for a good state of health of the whole body.


If drowsiness begins to be visible, it is important to focus on any little things. Listen carefully to the sounds, read the signposts, monitor your posture, your back position and your hands on the steering wheel. Count pillars and forks, track the make or license plate of other machines. The main thing is diversity, so that external factors do not distract you too much from the road itself.

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