Kharkiv subway was officially launched on August 23, 1975. It is the second fastest opening on the territory of Ukraine. Also the second longest lines and number of stations.

Its opening is closely connected with the industrial development of the city. The giant factories were actively being opened in the sixties. And there with the large residential areas were also being built.  The city was rapidly filled with new people, and the existing transport system was sorely lacking.

For the first time they started talking about the initiative to build a subway in Kharkiv back in 1962, but the discussion of the project dragged on for another four years. Then a long projecting phase started. The first pier was solemnly laid near the South railway station in summer of 1968. And already in late July of 1975 there was the first trial trip in tunnels.

One of the first and main stations was “Kholodna gora (Cold mountain)” which still remains the final on its line. Its peculiarity is the highest and the most intense passenger traffic. Despite the specificity of the landscape and soil of this part of Kharkiv, it is “Kholodna gora (Cold mountain)” in its strict architectural and color design that was finished first.

Work details

The average volume of daily traffic is about 800 thousand passengers on weekdays. Sometimes this figure exceeds one million. And this is almost half of the total urban traffic. All trains are made up of 5 carriages.

The interval between trains is 4-6 minutes, but in rush hour it is reduced to 2-3 minutes. After 20-00 it increases to 10, and after 22-00 – to 13-18 minutes. The subway works from 5-30 to 00-20. Interchange stations are open until 00-13.

There is the only bridge in Kharkiv subway between the stations “Kyivska” and “Akademik Barabashov (Academician Barabashov) ”  It is also known as the only covered subway bridge. This design was necessary in order not to disturb the ventilation system of the tunnels.

The configuration of the Kharkiv subway

Nowadays the subway in Kharkiv has 30 stations. Among them-24 of small and 6 of deep fixation. Most of them are of column type. There are only 8 single-vault stations. There are also 3 pylon stations and 2 pylon column stations. Three underground interchange hubs are in the city center. The total length of the lines is 38.45 km.

Three main lines:

  • Red line Kholodnogirsko-Zavodska from the subway station “Kholodna gora (Cold mountain)” to ” Industrialna (Industrial)”. It was opened in 1975. It has 13 stations and more than 17 km.
  • Blue line Saltivska from the “Historical Museum” to “Geroyi pratsi (Heroes of Labor)”. It was opened in 1984. It has 8 stations and a little more than 10 km.
  • Zelena Oleksiyivska from the station “Metrobudivnyky” to “Peremohy”. It was opened in 1995. It has 9 stations and about 17 km.

Nowadays the plan includes construction of the fourth line which would connect the North-East of the Saltivskyi massif and the industrial part of the city. It is also planned to build the Oleksiyivskyi electric engine house and the construction of two stations of the Oleksiyivskyi line: “Derzhavinskyi” and “Odesa”.

Today the subway has two engine houses: “Moskovskyi” and “Saltivskyi”.

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